Pictures Are POWER is more than just a standard photo booth.

We have broken down the walls and created an event centre piece for you. 

Through the use of beautifully crafted, visually captivating graphics as well as only the very best props, our highly skilled operators take only the most amazing photographs. Once you have chosen a background graphic, we will then create a front layer that is branded accordingly, to be instantly applied to each and every print at your event. 

Once we have captured the image in front of the graphic and applied the bespoke front layer, we apply the Flawless Effect©. Instantaneously we airbrush the photograph to give everyone the Hollywood look they deserve!

The Pictures Are POWER photo booth specialises in taking our clients brands directly to the consumer using our unique methods of photo marketing. 

Whether it be a private event, product launch or road show, our team will take your brand and make it heard. The use of our website, allows for an on line event afterlife which will keep your brand and message alive. We provide: 

. Immediate prints
. Brand content direct to consumer
. Interactive Marketing
. Experiential activity
. On line afterlife
. Guaranteed positive experience of your brand / message

How PAP works